The Rice Purity Test

Check your Purity now with the Latest Rice Purity Test!

What is the Rice purity test?

How Does Rice Purity Test Work?

This Test is a comprehensive one-hundred-question survey designed to evaluate a person’s innocence in various aspects of life. It covers a wide range of topics, including relationships, behavior, and activities that are considered non-virtuous. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with a higher score indicating a higher level of purity.

This popular online test provides a fun and insightful way for individuals to assess their own innocence. With questions about experiences like kissing someone and drinking alcohol, the test offers a unique perspective on one’s perceived innocence. Its popularity continues to grow, making it a widely used tool to measure levels of purity in today’s world.

Steps to taking the Rice Purity Test

Curious about how the Rice Purity Test works? Here are the simple steps to take the test:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Start Rice Purity Button
  3. Read and answer the questions by clicking on the checkboxes
  4. After completing all 100 questions, your score is displayed on the screen
  5. Share your score with your partner and friends

It’s that easy! Answer the questions, and discover your purity score today.

Types of Questions On Rice Purity Test


Rule Violation

This Test offers an enlightening experience to probe into the boundaries we may have crossed and learn from any missteps. This test is more than just uncomfortable questions, it’s also a window into discovering how these experiences shape who you are today – as well as your future outlook! By taking the initiative to try out this unique self-evaluation tool, individuals gain clarity in discerning their own character while learning invaluable life lessons along the way.

Physical Life

Do you remember the butterflies of your first dance? If so, this Innocence Test is for you. It’s time to be honest with yourself and explore what makes a physical bond unique – from those nervous memories at the prom all the way through whether or not any inappropriate material has been viewed. This quiz will help identify how innocent (or naughty) we truly are!

Bad Addictions

From your closest relationships to the depths of addiction and everywhere in between – The Rice Purity Test Quiz dives deep into understanding more about yourself. Whether it’s questioning how you’d handle a bad situation or finding out what illegal medicines you may have fooled around with, this quiz will leave no stone unturned as far as self-discovery is concerned!

 Bifurcation according to the score category

100 to 98: Falling into the highest score category of 100 to 98 on a rice bifurcation rating scale means you are among a select few people generally considered ‘pure gold’.

93 to 77: If your score is between 93 and 77, it means that you are averagely pure.

76 to 45: Those scored between 76 and 45 are considered to have a fairly serious level of guilt, indicating that they have had repeated involvement with substances or activities that are criminal in nature, such as bad addiction or involvement with illegal gangs.

44 to 9: A score between 44 to 9 means that the person’s purity has been heavily impaired, either through their own actions or external factors. This impairment can take many forms: substance abuse, jail time, physical assault, and more.

8 to 0: A score of 8 to 0 is one of the most alarming categories. It reflects an individual who has crossed the line and is engaging in some of the most dangerous types of behavior.

Rice Purity test For Boys

The Purity Test for boys offers a unique opportunity to gauge their moral purity. This test consists of 100 personal questions that are tailored specifically to males, and involve topics related to one’s romantic escapades or other activities from college life. All the queries give insight into certain areas of each individual’s past and allow them to discover what level of ‘rice purity’ they possess.

Once you have completed all one hundred queries, your purity rating will be determined on a scale from 0 to 100; zero being least pure/innocent and one-hundred signifying utmost innocence/purity.

Uncovering one’s purity score could be deemed as a rite of passage – challenge yourself today and delve into this remarkable journey of self-discovery!

Rice Purity test For Girls

The test will contain a series of personal questions about a girl’s life that they have to answer to find their purity test score. As you answer the questions, there could be an opportunity to divulge secrets that have been kept hidden.

All of these queries relate to life on campus for a young woman in college. Be ready to answer only one question per screen. Once you have answered the current query, move on to the next challenge!

Rice Purity Test For TikTok

The TikTok Rice Purity Test takes a more simplified approach than its predecessor, requiring participants to respond to only 10 questions. To begin, hold up all ten fingers – then put one down for each activity you have completed in the corresponding question. At the completion of the test, your score will be determined by how many digits remain raised; if you finish with just one or two fingers standing tall, that surely reflects your wild nature.

To guarantee your innocence, we have unveiled an online version of this assessment so that you no longer have to download TikTok. All the questions are specifically tailored to examine the genuine nature of today’s youth.

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