A Comprehensive Overview Of The History Of Rice Purity Test And From Where It Come From

What Is The Rice Purity Test?

How Did The Rice Purity Test Start?

Established in 1924 by Rice University, the rice purity test was originally a confidential survey consisting of 100 questions developed to measure how ‘pure’ or ‘guileless’ students were based on their responses. As time has passed and generations have changed, this exam is frequently updated with new queries that reflect current values and traditions.

What Are Some Examples Of Questions On The Rice Purity Test?

What Is The Purpose Of Taking The Rice Purity Test?

Not only is the Rice Purity Test a great way to break the ice among friends or peers, but it can also be used as an opportunity for personal reflection and growth. Taking this test gives you insight into how others view morality and what behaviours are considered acceptable in our society today, allowing you to make changes if needed. With this test, discovering your own beliefs has never been easier!

Is There A Score For Taking The Rice Purity Test?

Taking the Rice Purity Test is an opportunity to see how “pure” or “innocent” you are according to today’s societal standards. After completing each of the 100 questions, participants will receive a final score from 0-100 that can be compared with those who have also taken the test. Challenge your friends and classmates – let’s find out who reigns supreme.

How Did The Rice Purity Test Start?

Since its conception in 1924, the Rice Purity Test has been a timeless test of morality that originated at Rice University located in Houston, Texas. This survey continues to evolve with new inquiries and topics related to modern social life. Consequently, it is no surprise that this assessment has become increasingly popular among young adults as a way for them to measure their own ethicality against others’.

What Are The Questions On The Test?

The questions posed on the test usually involve inquiring about someone’s personality, educational accomplishments, and social life. For instance: Have you ever been untruthful regarding how old you are? Did you ever cheat to pass a quiz? Have any of your behaviours included thievery? Or have you tried marijuana before? etc. At the completion of the exam, an individual receives a score that ranges from 0-100, which is indicative of their innocence or moral integrity.

Why Is The Test Popular?

This test is widely popular due to its effectiveness in gauging one’s level of innocence without probing into personal matters. What makes it more entertaining and enjoyable, however, is the comparison between your score with that of your friends or even strangers online! Through various websites, you can now easily measure how clean you are living compared to others around the world.

What Are Some Variations Of The Test?


To sum it up, the rice purity test is an entertaining way for people to reflect on their own behaviours and values as well as gain insight into how others think of morality today. Furthermore, it serves as a perfect icebreaker among friends or classmates while providing amusement! So why not give it a whirl and find out your results?

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